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Outside General Counsel

Every business, no matter its size, benefits from working with an attorney. Larger businesses can afford to keep attorneys on staff — called “in house” or general counsel — to fill various needs.  Smaller businesses often can’t justify the expense of “in house” counsel.  That’s where we come in.

Our innovative Outside General Counsel services provide our business clients with the benefits of “in house” counsel at a fraction of the cost.  Crosse Law LLC has functioned as Outside General Counsel for a variety of businesses in diverse industries including alternative energy, oil and gas, real estate, advertising, and software development.  Our broad range of experience makes us uniquely qualified.  As Outside General Counsel, we have helped clients with a broad variety of issues including: 

  • Creating, improving and enforcing contracts;
  • Acquisitions and divestitures;
  • Collections;
  • Capital needs;
  • Restructuring;
  • Compliance with local, State and Federal regulations;
  • Employment relations;
  • Retaining and managing counsel and contractors for patent prosecution, tax, ERISA and other specialized tasks; and
  • Corporate organization, maintenance and form.

Crosse Law LLC works as a true partner with its business clients, realizing that our success depends upon our clients’ success.  We help our business clients develop and realize their goals on a cost-effective basis.

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Business Disputes

Traditional breach of contract cases. Novel and complex business disputes. Litigation.
Arbitration. Crosse Law LLC is known for its experienced commercial litigators who have
successfully represented a variety of businesses, big and small, on a wide variety of issues

• Intellectual property ownership;
• Trade secrets;
• Contract disputes;
• Oil and gas rights;
• Collections;
• Employment relations;
• Joint ventures;
• Fraudulent schemes and transfers;
• Fraud and misrepresentation in the purchase, sale, or merger of a business;
• Theft, conversion and embezzlement;
• Breach of fiduciary duty; and
• Minority shareholder or member rights;
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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

A catastrophic injury is a life changing event. A wrongful death affects an entire family.
Crosse Law LLC exclusively represents individuals and families who suffer serious injury or
wrongful death which is caused by the negligence of others. We do not represent insurance
companies. The kinds of cases we handle include:

• Wrongful Death;
• Traumatic brain injuries;
• Crane collapses;
• Car accidents;
• Pedestrian accidents;
• Trucking accidents
• Motorcycle accidents;
• Uninsured / under-insured motorist coverages;
• Construction accidents;
• Drunk driving victims;
• Slip and fall / Premise liability;
• Ski accidents;
• Bicycling accidents;
• Tourist accidents; and
• Insurance bad faith

One of the most personally devastating injuries is a traumatic brain injury (TBI). By physically
altering the brain, these injuries actually alter who the victim is. What follows is a loss of
identity. The most tragic part about these injuries is getting other people to understand what has
changed – because by all outward appearances, everything looks normal.

Individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries need representation from an attorney
who is knowledgeable about these devastating injuries and understands how to present them
during the course of litigation. Crosse Law LLC has represented many clients who have suffered
traumatic brain injuries and have had the pleasure of working with some of the best medical
specialists in Colorado on these cases, including neurologists, neuropsychologists, and clinical
psychiatrists. The attorneys at Crosse Law LLC understand the complexity of these cases and the
many ways in which traumatic brain injuries affect the lives of their clients.

If you or a loved one have sustained a serious injury or a traumatic brain injury, call us today.
We can help. The initial consultation is free of charge.

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